Monday, 5 November 2012

Back to de blog

Well Bernie did not post to his blog for a long time because me was vewy busy.
Me was hatching some little chickens and my Mummy take some pikchas but she did not give dem to me yet so me cannot put dem on my blog.
Today we got a new someone come to live wif us.
It is a tiny tiny little kitten and it is a girl kitten called Tilly.
Me twy to give her a kiss but she do not kiss me back so me hiss at her.
My Mummy say she too little to know about kisses for stwange big boy cats.
Bernie will find a pikcha of her so me can put it on my blog but you do not need a pikcha if you can fink about a fat fuwy tummy - (black fur) wiggling awound wif four tiny little legs and a tiny tail and dere is also a tiny head wif dark gwey eyes. - and a big puwwy noise..
Luv fwom Bernie

1 comment:

  1. Hughie says:

    I like the kitten. It's really cute. Guess why you can't give it kisses: 'cause it will bite you, or maybe scratch you. Or it could run away or something!