Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Evewybody tell Bernie what to do.

Evewybody telling Bernie dat me should put in my blog about Tilly getting in Gwand-da dwawer.
Him put her in him Top dwawer and den she get down into de big dwawer wif de files and she wants to go on de TBEG committee wif Gwand-da so she gets in de file. She fink den when Gwand-da go to de meeting she will hitch a little wide and go to de meeting herself and den she wants to be de secwetawy of dat TBEG committee so she finks she can go to de meeting and dem will all say "Oh yes Tilly you can be de secwetawy".
But instead of hiding in dat dwawer and waiting til Gwand-da go to dat meeting and bwing dat file, she too heavy and dat file is old and it wip fwough and she land on de bottom of de shelf. So she bwoke dat file and Gwand-da say she cannot be de secwetawy anyway cos she is a pussy cat. Anyway Gwand-da do not bwing dat file to de meeting. He only put fings in it so dem does not get lost.
Tilly finkls it not fair dat she cannot be de secwetawy.
Bernie say to Tilly "Tilly why does you wants to be de secwetawy of TBEG? and she say "Ican'ttellyoubecauseitisasecret."  She also say "Secretariesarethingswhatkeepssecrets"
So now evewybody knows as much as Bernie knows.
Luv fwom Bernie

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  1. Hughie says:

    Hello Tilly! You are very silly for wanting to be a secretary because they only basically keep notes not keep secrets, you silly Tilly-billy!