Tuesday, 17 December 2013

A Silly Chook

Bernie found Gwand-ma looking in de miwwor and wiggling her nose.
"Miaow" says Bernie. Dat means "Why are you doing dat?"
Gwand-ma say "Katy and Hughie might be visiting us at Easter time so I am practising"
"Miaow Mow"  says Bernie. That means "What for?"
 Gwand-ma Say "Well we might have an Easter Egg Hunt and who do you think puts all the Easter eggs there in the garden for people to find?"
Bernie say "Miaow"  That means "A silly Chook?"
"No of course not!" says Gwand-ma. "They are left there by the Easter Bunny"
Bernie just say "Miaow Miaowmow mow" what means "That Easter Bunny thing is a big joke"
 But Gwand-ma say "I know. I am just practising to be the Easter Bunny"
Bernie say "Miaow" what means "Oh Goodo" and den me say to Jaffa "  Miaow mow Miaow" what means "See I told you a silly old chook puts them there."
Luv fwom Bernie


  1. Bernie be glad that you weren't around when grand moogi actually bounced through the house, with bunny ears and a tail!