Wednesday, 25 December 2013

It is Kwismus (Yawn)

Well dat Kwismus Twee look vewy pwetty wif lots of pwessies. Bernie decide dat me like dat Kwismus twee and all dem pwessies so dat will be Bernie's Kwismus Twee and pwessies.
So you know what pussy cats does when dey wants to tell evewybody dat sumfing belong to dem?
So Bernie do a little wee wight in de middle of de pwessies and evewybody say "Oh Bernie don't do that" and dey gwab me wight in de missle of my wee!!!
Oooooh!  DON'T DO DAT!
Den my Mummy wipe dem pwessies what was one fwom Bernie and Jaffa to our Mummy and one from Gwand-ma to my Mummy,
She say "And they are both my presents too you naughty pussy cat"
And den she make Bernie and Jaffa go out of de lounge woom and she shut de door so Bernie and Jaffa has a sad Kwismus. But my Mummy say dat Santa bwing some pwessies for us so we are allowed to open dem later.
Luv fwom Bernie

1 comment:

  1. Bernie, it was sad that you weren't allowed to stay with us for opening the presents, but really do you want your mummy to have things that smell like wee? I would much prefer you show you like things by cuddling them, rather than weeing on them!