Thursday, 19 December 2013

Jaffa can hide vewy well

Yesserday Jaffa was outside and my Mummy and my Gwand-ma wants to go sumwheres so dem wants to put Jaffa inside before dem gone.
My Mummy was calling "Jaffa" vewy loudly but Jaffa do not come.
Den my Mummy hear a noise and dere was Jaffa sitting wite near where she was in the middle of de wose garden but no one can see her  because she is de same colour as de stuff on de gwound what is called tan bark.
Jaffa is a vewy clever hiding pussy cat. She is even better dan Heidi.
Today Jaffa went outside early for a little play. She come inside and go into de guest woom when Gwand-ma gone in dere. When Gwand-ma come out she shut dat door cos she do not know Jaffa is in dere.
Den later on she was calling Jaffa to come for lunch. She was calling and calling and gone awound outsiude and calling and looking under de woses and evewywhere. Den she come back inside and she can hear a little meow coming fwom de guest woom. When Gwand-,ma open dat door, out wuns Jaffa.
Bernie and Jaffa was vewy pleased to see each uvver. We keep giving each uvver lots of licking kisses to say "Oh I missed you"  Den we had our dindins and we had a little play togever. We played chasings and pouncings what is our favourwite game to play togever.
Luv fwom Bernie

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