Sunday, 15 December 2013

Bernie helps wif Embwoidewy

My Gwand-ma is doing some pwetty embwoidewy for de church for Kwismus. She wanted to make de witing look pwettier. She did not know what to do. Den she got a dood idea and when she do dat it look vewy pwetty. My Gwand-ma say "Thank you Bernie for giving me the idea of how to make it look pretty. It was just something you said that gave me the right idea."
Bernie say "What did me say?":
And den we twying to fink wot dat clever fing was dat Bernie say.
Den me say to Gwand-ma "Was it when me say Miaow?"
And she say "Oh yes! That's what it was!. You just gave me the right idea. Thankyou Bernie"
So Bernie is vewy happy because me help wif de embwoidewy.
Luv fwom Bernie

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