Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Bernie looks after Gwand-ma

Today my Mummy go to school to teach de childwen and my Gwand-da go somewhere else.
Dat means dat only Bernie to take care of Gwand-ma wif her sore paw.
First me go to her bedwoom and miaow at her and jump up and give her a cuddle.
Den me say "miaow miaow" wot means "Get out of bed and get me my dindins you silly old Gwand-ma"
Gwand-ma say "I can't get up on my own because I need to get my big funny boot on and I can't do that on my own"
So Bernie wun out to de fwont door and call Gwand-da and soon him come and put Gwand-ma boot on and den him go away again.
Den Gwand-ma twying to tidy some fings so Bernie sit on her lap and help her.
Dat de best way to help Gwand-ma cos she walk so funny wif dat boot and some big sticks dat she might fall over boom again so Bernie sit on her to hold her still.
Den Gwand-da come home and Bernie miaow at him to get Gwand-ma some lunch. Den Gwand-ma twying to sweep dat floor wif dat funny bwoom what Uncle Tim and Aunty Lily give her so Bernie sit on de kitchen bench and watch. First me sit on de end near de stove den me move up to de uvver end when she sweepin dere. Me watch dood so she do not miss any bits.
Phew me get vewy tired after all dat lookin after Gwand-ma
Luv fwom Bernie

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  1. Hughie says:

    Bernie, it was very good for you to look after your grandmum, but those sticks were called walking sticks.