Friday, 1 June 2012

Heidi Gone Away

My litta Heidi has gone away.
When we come home fwom de vet she wun under Unca Wobert car and she stay dere while my Mummy and my Gwand-ma gone to de supermarket.
Den she wun away somewhere and got lost.
She did not come home for her dindins yesserday and she did not come home for her dindins today.
She must be a vewy hungwy pussy cat.
Evewybody is vewy sad.
If anybody know where our dear litta Heidi is can dey please bwing her home to us.
Luv fwom Bernie

1 comment:

  1. Hughie says:

    It's very sad but I might know where Heidi is! She might have just gone for a walk and went over the road to the other side and visited some people. The End!