Friday, 8 June 2012

Me and Aunty Barbi

Today my Mummy gone to school to teach de childwen and my Gwand-da go to annuvver school to teach de teacher.
Den my Aunty Mavis come and my Mummy go wif her to do sumfings.
Dat mean dat it just my Aunty Barbi and me at home.
Bernie miaowing and miaowing so my Aunty Barbi give Bernie a nice litta dwink of milk. Me like dat.
Den we do lots of fings togevver. We cleans de house and Aunty Barbi do lots of washings. Bernie help her.
Bernie show Aunty Barbi where de dirty cloves is kept and where de washing machine live. Bernie show Aunty Barbi where dat cloves line is and where dat dwyer is.
Lucky Bernie know dese fings.
When Bernie finished Bernie too tired to cook din dins so Gwand-da get Chinese and Bernie eat some den he have a dood sleep.
Luv fwom Bernie

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