Wednesday, 13 June 2012

My Gwandma's bwoken paw

Me could not wite my blog cos my gwandma leave her puter off. Me has got a dood litta puta in the cwaft woom but me does not know de password yet. When me find out dat password me can always wite my blog on it.
Yessaday my mummy bwing home dat nice new gween chair wot is for me to sleep on when I want to and my Gwand ma got a sore paw. Dat why she leave her puter off. Now she have a new chair what got big big wheels on it. Our gween chair do not have wheels. It stay in our bedwoom, but my Gwandda and my mummy push my gwandma round in dat new big chair wif wheels.
Next time Bernie has a sore foot Unca Jim going to give me a big chair wif wheels so Bernie can wide in it.
Now Bernie has to go and sit in dat chair and see if it dood.
Love fwom Bernie

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