Monday, 25 June 2012

Mummy home and Gwand-da gone

My Mummy was visiting my Unca Tim and Aunty Lily but now she come home.
Me miss my Mummy so me spend lots of time sittin on Gwand-ma lap and having dood cuddles.
Den my Gwand-da go somewhere wif Aunty Mavis. My Gwand-ma do not go cos she do not walk dood.
When my Gwand-da come home him feelin sick so my Gwand-ma wing up a lady and she say he need to go to de hospital but Gwand-ma cannot dwive him dere so she send a ambulance.My Gwand-ma wing my Aunty Mavis and she come over just when dat ambulance mans come.
Dem mans come and put a fing on Gwand-da face so him can bweave better and den dey take him to de hospital.
Den Aunty Kim come and den my Mummy come home. We was supposed to have some dindins weady for my Mummy but we did not have any food to cook except Gwand-ma found some tuna.
Den My Mummy had to take some fings to my Gwand-da in de hospital and Bernie cwying cos me fink my Mummy going away again.
But my Aunty Kim start makin de dindins and my Gwand-ma and my Aunty Mavis help her and  my Mummy come home and we all eat some dindins and watch de TV and den Aunty Kim and Aunty Mavis gone home but my Gwand-da still in de hospital.
Bernie goes and has a big cuddle wif him Mummy.
Evewybody likes to have Mummy cuddles.
Luv fwom Bernie

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