Thursday, 26 July 2012

Back to my blog

Now me can wite my blog again.
Me wote it de first day when my Gwand-ma was in dat hospital because de 'puter was left on and me could find my blog but den someone close my Gwand-ma 'puter so me cannot wite my blog any more.
Now my Gwand-ma come home and Bernie go to her and say "miaow" what means "Can I wite my blog now?" and she say "Yes" and she go and turn on her puter and find my blog for me and now me witing it.
You see, Bernie can't use dat mouse. It too big for my litta paw and anyway me always twy to eat it cos it a mousie and dat what pussy cats do to mousies. Except for litta Heidi. She used to squash dem.
My Gwand-ma say dat litta Heidi pwobably do not come home so maybe we get annuvver pussy kitten to keep Bernie company.
Gwand-da do not want to cos he love my dood fwend Aussie wot eat one of Gwand-ma pills and got dead and now him love litta Heidi and now she gone and we all vewy sad so maybe we do not want to get sad again so we do not want to get annuvver pussy kitten cos somefing might happen and we lose dat litta kitten and den we all sad again.
Oh Miaow miaow what we do?
Luv fwom Bernie
PS Bernie lonely.

1 comment:

  1. Hughie says:

    My comment is: then you have to get another pussy cat. And then you should care about that one instead! And care about it and care about it and care about it, and love it. The End. (I'm wagging my bum. I like wagging my bum.)