Wednesday, 11 July 2012

De boys takes care of de girls

Today my Gwand-da and me is taking care of my Mummy and my Gwand-ma.
Dem bofe sick so we tell dem stay in bed and we take care of dem.
Also when dem is up out of bed, dem keeps making a big mess so it better if we make dem stay in bed and do not mess up de house.
My Mummy got a new tellemsphone and she going to let Bernie have dat old one. Maybe me can wite my blog fwom de tellemsphone. Bernie is a vewy clever pussy cat. Me is vewy teckno sumfing what means dat me knows all about 'puters and stuff much more dan uvver pussy cats.
Anyway now me has to go and put de cloves on de line and do de vacuuming.
Luv fwom Bernie


  1. Katy says:

    How does a cat put clothes on a washing line and even use a vacuum cleaner?

  2. In this house there are various electronic appliances that "bing" when they are finished. The dishwasher bings out a whole little tune.
    When Bernie hears ones of these machines go bing he runs up to it and meaows to it then he runs off and tells us that it has bung. He gets very excited when the microwave bings because he is always hopeful that there is food in it.
    He gets particularly cranky with the chiming clock if it happens to go bong bong bong etc while he is near it. He meaows at it quite defiantly.
    The washing machine makes a beeping noise when it is finished and Bernie goes out to the laundry and meaows at it. Then he goes and meaows at us until we get the clothes out and put them on the line. That is how Bernie puts the clothes on the line. He thinks he is the little boss and if he did not do all this then we would never get the clothes out of the washing machine, or get the dry clothes out of the dryer, or get the food out of the microwave, or empty the dishwasher.
    I do not think he knows how the clothes get into the washing machine or the dryer in the first place. He does know about us putting food into the microwave because the instant we are doing anything in the kitchen he is there to boss us around. So he knows very well that we put food in the microwave and when it bings it is ready and we are supposed to get it out and give it to him immediately if not sooner.'
    As for the vacuum cleaner, his way of using the vacuum cleaner is whenever it is turned on he skedaddles and when he comes back the place is clean.