Saturday, 7 July 2012

Purr de Pengiun

Me twying to call my new penguin Pete cos Katy and Hughie both say Pete is a dood name. But me can't say dat dood. Evewy time me start out to say Pete me end up saying Purrrr. So me has to call him Purrr but him weal name can be Pete.
Me hope Katy and Hughie likes dat name.
Today we twying to do some gardening but it make Gwand-da sick. Gwand-da getting too old to do heavy fings. De doctor tell him it will make him sick cos him do not bweave dood.  Gwand-ma is getting too old and sick and she still got bwoken paws.
Unca Tim say he will come and visit and help us do dat gardening.
My Mummy do some too. And Bernie can do some digging but me can't lift a spade and put de dirt in de wheelbawwow but me can have a wide on de wheelbawwow.
Me give evewybody cuddles.
Luv fwom Bernie

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