Monday, 17 June 2013

A big wesponsibility

Evewybody say dat Bernie has to decide if dat little cat can stay living wif us or go back to de vet.
Dat a big decision for a pussy cat to make.
Dem say it because we do not want a pussy cat what upsets Bernie.
Dat is vewy nice of dem to fink of Bernie feelings but what about dat little pussy cat feelings? Maybe she likes to live at de vet hospital. We do not know if she wants to live here.
Bernie finks she likes living here but she do miaow for cuddles a lot. Maybe she feeling stwange and a bit fwightened. Bernie twying to look after her.
Me washed her bum for her two times.
Dat cos she is only a little pussy and she do not know about washing bums yet.
Also my Mummy finks she cannot stay being called Maddie. She say all our pussy cats has to have a special name and because dat pussy cat looks like chocolate and owange mised togevver she should be called Jaffa.
But is dat a dood name for a little girl pussy cat?
Bernie will get a pikch of her and put it on him blog and my Katy and my Hughie can have a look and tell me what dem fink.
Should we let her stay here?  If she stay here what should she be called? Is Jaffa a dood name? or Maddie or sumfing else?
Luv fwom Bernie


  1. Hughie says:

    I think Jaffa's a good name.

    Katy says:

    What about just Chocolate?

    Hughie says:

    Or just Orange?

    Daddy explains:

    Aussie and Tilly both had very Australian names, because Tilly is short for Matilda. And Jaffa is a very Australian lolly. Maybe when we go to the Lolly Shop I should buy you some Jaffas.

  2. Result of vote for keeping or returning the new kitten:

    In favour of keeping: 2
    In favour of returning: 0
    In favour of selling to someone at a Lolly Shop because they like chocolate and orange mixed together: 0
    In favour of eating the kitten: 0

    Result of vote for name:

    Jaffa: 2
    Maddie: 1 (Katy voted twice)
    Scruffy: 0
    Poobumcat: 0
    Tilausheidernie: disqualified due to being silly.