Sunday, 30 June 2013

Scwambled eggs

Today Bernie help Gwand-da to make some scwambled eggs.
Gwand-da was bweaking de shells of de eggs and putting de inside bits in a bowl.
Den de tellemsphone wing and Gwand-da gone away talking on dat tellemsphone.
Bernie fink "Oh me can do dat" so me got a egg and bweak it but it gone evewywhere and de yellow bit what is called de yolk got bwoke. "OH no. You is not supposed to bweak dat yolk" finks Bernie. Bernie wemembers when him Mummy was making lemon mewingue pie and she say dat you has to bweak de eggs open but do not bweak de yolk.
Bernie quickly fwow dat bwoken egg in de bin and lick up de mess and den me get annuvver one and me put it in de bowl so it wont spill evewywhere and me bweak it and de yolk do not bweak so me just get all de egg shell out and dat one is dood. Bernie is vewy clever.
Den me use annuver bowl and bweak annuver one but OH Miaow miaow dat yolk bweak too so me quickly tip it in be bin and get annuvver  egg and me do annuvver one and it bweak too  so me has to fwow dat away too and den my Gwand-da come back and him say "Where are the eggs gone? There is nearly none left." but Bernie was having a little nap just den so me did not hear him.
Den Gwand-da notice dat dere is one more done dan him did and him say "Oh Bernie did you helped me? What a good pussy you are" and Bernie waked up just den and me say "Maaaow" what means "Yes me helped you."
Den Gwand-da finish making dem scwambled eggs and he lets Bernie have some cos Bernie helped.
Luv fwom Bernie


  1. Katy says:

    How did you pick it up? Did you put your arms out holding it and then squish it together? Cos if you did you probably got eggshell in the food, even if you didn't notice it was in there.

  2. Me bite it wif my stwong teef.