Thursday, 20 June 2013

Dat calendar

Bernie find dat calendar. it on de kitchen table. Bernie had a look and twy to count de sleeps. But dat vewy hard for a pussy cat to do. Me has to have a sleep in de middle of doing dat.
My Aunty Mavis came back fwom visiting her family. So now we all sits awound and has a talk and a cup of tea and tell each uvver de news.
And guess what. She might not be here when my Katy and my Hughie comes to visit. Dat vewy sad cos me wants to show my Katy and my Hughie to my Aunty Mavis so she can see what bootiful childwen dem is.
But my Aunty Mavis has to go to Canbewwa and mind her gwandchildwen. She goes on de same day what my Katy and my Hughie comes here. Dem cars might pass each uvver on de woad.
Oh Miaow miaow. Hmmmpphmiaowmmph.  Dat a noosance.
Maybe if Bernie do a photocopy of dat calendar and give dat to my Aunty Mavis dat might work. Hmmm me wonderwing about dat. Will dat work? Me could do a dood photocopy in colour. And Aunty Mavis can go on de day in de photocopy and my Katy and my Hughie can come on de day on my calendar and dem will not be de same day cos dem be on diffewent pieces of paper.
Yes dat will work.
Dat what me do. Bernie always solve de pwoblem.
Luv fwom Bernie


  1. Hughie says:

    Dumb-dumb bum!

    Katy says:

    That's never going to work!

    Hughie says:

    They're on different pieces of paper actually the same pieces of paper... It's not going to work, Bernie! It's still the same day! Thhhhpppptttttt!

  2. Miaow Miaowmmmpph!
    Bernie cwanky now cos my Katy and my Hughie say dat Bernie dood idea won't work. And my Hughie call Bernie a dumb dumb bum and me is not a dumb dumb bum. Bernie is a vewy clever pussy cat wot finks of dood ideas to solve de pwoblem.
    Now me cwying.