Thursday, 27 June 2013

A invisible ticket for a invisible fwog

Ohh My Mummy can make a invisible ticket for Sam de invisible fwog to come to visit Bernie. Bernie will ask her and den Bernie will make a nice bed for him to sleep in when him come here. And Bernie will catch lots of invisible flies for Sam to eat.
OOOh dat is funny. Bernie has got annuvver fwend wot weads him blog called Sam. Two blog weading peoples called Sam!!!. But one is a fwog.
De uvver one is a vewy clever lady what wites fings in de noos paper.
Today dat Jaffa cat was helping Gwand-ma tidy up de cwaft woom. She (dat kitten) kept getting balls of wool and unwavvelling dem all awound de place.
She twying to knit. Bernie tell her she cannot knit cos she only got little paws not hands but she still twying.
In de mornings Bernie and Jaffa has dood fun playing. We likes to play on top of Mummy in bed. Dat funny. We plays on top of my Mummy in bed when she be still asleep. Soon a funny cwoaky voice comes and says "Go away! Don't play on top of me at half past 5 in the morning"
We just larfs.  It much more fun to play in de morning when dere is annuvver pussy cat to play wif.
Luv fwom Bernie

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