Thursday, 7 November 2013

Bernie is good but de mushwooms is bad.

Today Gwand-da wouse at Bernie for doing a wee in de pantwy. But Gwand-da wowwied because Bernie wee is vewy dark bwown. Den Gwand-da find out it not Bernie doing a wee. It de mushwooms box leaking. We twying to gwow mushwooms in a white box in de pantwy.
Gwand-da say "Sorry Bernie, it was not your fault. But I am glad you do not have a problem with your wee."
Den dis evening Bernie want to go outside so me do my message of scwatching de couch wot means "Bernie wants to go outside"
Gwand-ma say "Don’t do that Bernie. It ruins the furniture. If you want to go outside, go to the front door and say Miaow”
So den Bernie walk vewy politely to de fwont door and me sit dere and say "Miaow"  just like Gwand-ma tell me to.
Den she say "Oh Bernie you are a good pussy cat." and she open dat door stwaight away for Bernie.
You see Bernie knows what peoples say and me can do what dem tell me if me want to.
Luv fwom Bernie

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