Monday, 4 November 2013

Showing Ollie how to do it

Today we was all out in de garden and a little fwend called Isabelle and her Mummy come to talk to us. Dem lives acwoss de woad fwom us. Den dat little puppy dog what live wif dem come to visit too. Dat puppy dog is called Ollie.
Bernie meow at him but not vewy much cos we is getting to know each uvver. Se we just gwowl a little bit.'Den Ollie go and do a poop on our gwass but him do not cover it up like a dood pussy cat do. Him Mummy has to cover it up for him.
So you know what? Bernie go and do a big poop too. And Bernie do a MUCH BIGGER POOP  dan Ollie and den me cover it up
and me cover it up
and me cover it up
and den Bernie cover it up again.
And Gwand-ma say "Oh good grief Bernie you have covered it up enough. Ollie saw you. Stop showing off".
Se me went away and find somewhere else to sit.
Luv fwom Bernie

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