Saturday, 16 November 2013

Vale Bwwwww

Today we hear some vewy sad news. My vewy dood fwend Brrrr wot Bernie calls Bwwwww has died.
Him was 16 years old which is like 80 years old for a human. Brr is survived by his vewy nice Mummy wot is my Aunty Barbi. Brrr and me was vewy dood fwends.
Last time Brr came to see me we did not see each uvver for 18 munths before dat but as soon as Bernie and Brrr see each uvver we wun up and say hello wif a nose kiss.
Dat is because we do  not forget our vewy dood fwends.
Brr was getting a bit sick. Him had arfritis and  bung kidneys but him was OK. Den yesserday he just go and lie down on de nice gwass at his house and him decide to have a nice sleep dere and den him died.
Him find a vewy nice comfy place to die and him fwends de wallabies say bye bye to him.
Dat why he die dere. It so him fwends will know where him gone.
Bernie will find some nice pikchas of my dood fwend Brrr and put dem on dis blog.
Love fwom vewy sad Bernie.


  1. Brrrr was a lovely pussy cat, very friendly and handsome, and he was a very good friend to you indead. It is a very sad day, and I hope Aunti Barbi is ok and has lots of people to give her hugs.
    We will all miss Brrrr very much.

  2. Hughie says:

    Brrrr looked like a very good super-villain's cat. That grass must have been very comfortable.