Friday, 7 March 2014

Bernie still getting skinny

Evewy Fwiday my Gwand-ma put Bernie in de blue cat basket and den she put dat cat basket wif Bernie in it onto de scales in de barfwoom. Den she see what it say and she do a little  take away sum and take away 2 fwom what de scales say and dat how much Bernie weigh now.
Now me is 5.9 kgs and me was 7.1 last year.  Bernie is getting to be a skinny cat.
Now my Gwand-ma always wowwied dat Bernie might be sick and dat why me getting skinny.
Bernie do not feel sick.
Today my Gwand-da went to de hospital and had a little operwation and comed home. Him is OK.
My Mummy is getting a little bit better. Bernie likes to hear him Mummy doing little giggles and talkins instead of cwyins.
Luv fwom Bernie

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