Sunday, 16 March 2014

Evewybody busy except Bernie

Today evewybody was busy doing sumfing. My Mummy was doing school work. My Gwand-da and my Gwand-ma was twying to make a little fence to go awound our Sweet peas Garden because tomowwow be St. Patwick's Day and dat is de day wot you has to plant Sweet peas.
Even Jaffa was helping dem. When dem dig a hole, Jaffa fill it in or do a wee to make dat gwound good for de new plants. She chase away fings and wun awound and see if dat fence is stwaight. Gwand-ma come inside and she say "Bernie why aren't you helping us too?"
Bernie just wait inside until someone goes near de fwidge cos me know dere be chooky in dat fwidge.
Oh well me suppose me can help.
So Bernie go outside and sit dere and make sure evewybody doing it wight.
Just as well cos maybe it do not get done wight if Bernie do not go and see.
Jaffa just digs holes evewywhere wot we do not need holes and she go wound and smell some new little plants wot Gwand-ma put in yesserday. Den she go and smell Bernie bum. Why she do dat? Wot my bum got to do wif it?
Hmmmph! Next time she do dat, Bernie fart at her.
Luv fwom Bernie

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  1. Katy and Hughie say:

    [Lots and lots of laughs]