Monday, 3 March 2014

Now me can do blogs

Now Bernie can do blogs.
Me just has to use Internet Explorwer not Kwome. Kwome have gone silly and it do not let Bernie do blogs.
My Mummy is a bit sick lately and Bernie is vewy wowwied about her. Bernie told Jaffa dat we has to give her lots of cuddles but Jaffa wan away and she do not come inside until it dark.
Jaffa was a norty pussy cat.
De uvver day Jaffa had a little wiggling sumfing in her mouf. Gwand-da say "What has you got Jaffa? Is it a birdie?" and Gwand-ma look and she say "I think it might be a mouse" Then it get out of Jaffa's mouf and it were a fwog. It was not a skweaming fwog. It was a jumping lots and lots fwog.
Gwand-ma catch it in a jar and den Gwand-da put it outside in de garden and it sitting out dere cwoaking.
Little Jaffa do not hurt dat fwog. She cawwy it in her mouf just like a Mummy Pussy cat cawwy her little babies.
When Gwand-da put it outside Jaffa be vewy sad. She say to Bernie "Where is my little kitten gone?" Bernie say "Dat was not a kitten. Dat was a fwoggie" Jaffa say "Oh is dat why it do not have any fur?  I wanted to have a little baby to look after. Maybe I can find one at the vet?" But Bernie say "No we got enough pussy cats here. You have to play with your toy mousies. Maybe Mummy will get you a toy pussy cat with fur that you can lick"
Luv fwom Bernie


  1. Hughie says:

    We're gonna get a cat one day. A live one though.

  2. Oh dat will be Bernie cousin cat.