Saturday, 5 July 2014

Jaffa getting picky

Dis morning Gwand-ma get two nice clean little glass bowls out of de cupboard and put some yummy pussy cat milk in dem. Den she put one down where we eats our dindins and say "Here you are Bernie" cos Bernie gets him din dins first cos me is de boss cat.
Den she put de uvver bowl down in anuvver place near de little wine fwidge and she say "Here you are Jaffa" so Jaffa go and dwink dat one.
We bofe likes dat yummy pussy cat milk so we dwink it all up.
Den at lunch time Gwand-ma put Bernie dindins in him side of de double bowl in my pwoper dindins place and she get anuvver little single bowl and put Jaffa dindins in dat uvver place near de wine fwidge. Dat because Jaffa had a diffewent dindins to Bernie.
Now at tea time, Gwand-ma get out our dindins and put dem bofe in de double bowl and put it on our dindins mat in de yous-you-al place. Bernie start eating my dindins out of my side of de bowl but Jaffa look at hers and den she look acwoss at de uvver place in fwont of de wine fwidge and Gwand-ma has to get her dindins out of de double bowl and put it in her little single bowl and give it to her in fwont of de wine fwidge. She only had two fings to eat dere but alweady she fink dat where she always has to have her dindins.
Oh Cat is she getting picky!
Luv fwom Bernie.


  1. Aww, maybe you stick your elbows out when you eat and Jaffa can't fit.

    Do cats have elbows?

  2. Hughie says:

    Oh no, Jaffa's getting picky. You'd better call the Picky Police!