Thursday, 17 July 2014

To de Vet

Yesserday Bernie and Jaffa gone to see our dood fwends Uncle Jim and Aunty Vicky what are de vet and de vet nurse.
Dem is vewy kind peoples and dem gives us a needle what makes us stay healfy and happy pussy cats.
Uncle Jim always puts us on de little scales and see how much we weighs.
Guess what!
Jaffa is bigger dan Bernie
Bernie weigh 6 kgs and Jaffa weigh 6.04 kgs. Uncle Jim say she only 40 gwams heavier dan Bernie but she still heavier.
She is going to gwow into a big tiger.
Now will evewybody please stop wousing at Bernie and saying dat me eats her dindins.
Uncle Jim say it hard to feel her tummy cos she got a fat little tummy and he can only feel de fat.
Jaffa say it weally fur. Hmmmm Me finks Uncle Jim is clever and him knows de differwence between fat and fur.
Now Bernie has to go and find some dindins cos me getting skinny.
Luv fwom little Bernie


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  2. Hughie says:

    Love from little Bernie? Ha he ha he ha he ha!