Tuesday, 15 July 2014

People coming and going

Gwand-ma and our Mummy went to see Uncle Tim and Aunty Lily again and Gwand-ma take her puter so dat why Bernie do not post in him blog for a long time. Me forgot how to use dat uvver puter.
Now dem home again.
Today our Mummy and our gwand-da gone away somewhere dis morning and den dem comes home.
Some childwen comes and Gwand-ma give dem some money for dem school.
Den Aunty Mavis come and bwing her gwand-daughter what is called Sindawa and dem all has a cup of tea except Sindawa. Dem bowwow de cloves airwer.
Jaffa catch anuvver mousie but it got lost in de cwaft woom. Gwand-ma say she hope it do not poop in de cwaft fings.
Gwand-da is making dindins so Bernie goes to help him. Us boys likes to cook togevver.
Luv fwom Bernie


  1. Hughie says:

    I teach my daddy how to play Minecraft, and he also shows me things he can build. And tomorrow, he's going to show me how to use Turtle Logo. It's a program.

    1. Hughie lucky cos him got a Daddy. Bernie do not have a Daddy only a Gwand-da.

    2. Hughie says:

      Poor Bernie! But having a Gwand-Da is still pretty good.