Monday, 7 July 2014

Mummy home

Our Mummy come home so we is vewy happy pussy cats.
Gwand-ma make fishie for dindins but she do not let Bernie taste it. Dat norty. Bernie has to taste evewyfing in case it do not taste nice. Bernie and Jaffa had a little taste after it be cooked. It OK.
My Mummy fink it taste vewy nice. Jaffa has a little bit but she do not eat lots and lots.
No Bernie has to go and give my Mummy lots of cuddles because she did not get any pussy cat cuddles when she was at Uncle Tim place cos poor old Polly not dere any more and dat vewy sad.
Luv from Bernie


  1. Thank you for all the cuddles. I missed you and Jaffa a lot and it is nice to be hone, even though i do love going to visit uncke Wimmy and Aunty Lily

  2. Hughie says:

    Poor Bernie. He didn't get to taste the food until the end!