Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Oh no Bernie going blind!

Poor little Bernie had a vewy big fwight today. Me found a interwesting paper bag what had a vewy yummy smell so me look inside and dere be some nice chookie in it. Bernie had a little taste of dat chookie and den it happened! A dweadful fing. Oh no Oh no! Suddenly Bernie cannot see vewy well. Oh what will Bernie do? Of course Bernie is a vewy sensible pussy cat so me walk vewy slowly home to my Gwand-ma. Jaffa find me and she walk wif me to make sure me knows de way. Slowly we walking all de way and den we goes fwough de cat door in de laundwy and into de family woom.
Den Gwand-ma see poor little going blind Bernie and she feeling vewy sowwy for Bernie. She feeling so sowwy dat she sound stwange. Maybe she cwying - or - maybe she laughing cos Bernie can't hear vewy well either. Maybe me going deaf too. Sometimes cwying sounds like laughing. Gwand-ma say "Bernie how did you get that bag on your head?"
Den me had a amazing miwacle. My Gwand-ma fix me. She so clever. Suddenly Bernie can see and hear again like me used to. And dat interwesting bag is wight dere on de gwound. Bernie must have cawwied it in cos dere is still a little bit of chookie left in it. It fall out and Bernie eat it up. Yum.
My Gwand-ma has a vewy dood saying. She say "Whenever I need a miracle, I look into my daughter's eyes and know I already have one" so now Bernie has a dood saying. It is "When Bernie needs a miwacle, me goes to my Gwand-ma"
Luv fwom Bernie

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    You had a bag on your head!