Friday, 11 May 2012

A vewy stwange fing

A vewy stwange fing happened yesserday, and Bernie has been looking into it.

Dere is a fowest moving into my Mummy's courtyard wot she lets Gwand Da stay in too!

Now Bernie is a vewy vewy clever pussy cat, and he knows de stowee of Macbeff who is a little girl wot lives in Scotland and played with saucepans. Dere was a bit in macbeff dat says to be afraid when de twees come to bisit, and dat is what is happening. So I am going to go and bisit my Miss Beff and tell her dat she better be careful in case dem twees twy to go all dat way to where she lives!

On de way me might find my Gwand Moogi and my Gwand Da what goed away and dey are still not home! Don't dey know dat my Mummy will get vewy mad at dem if dey don't come home at night?

Oh Miaow Miaow, it is vewy tiwerwing being a dood pwotecting pussy cat. Maybe before I go I have a little nap and some din dins. Dat beed a dood idea.

Luv fwom Bernie


  1. Bernie those are some lovely trees that we got sent up from Melbourne which is a really long way away. We are going to plant them in our garden and make a big forest for you and Heidi to play in and pretend you are big lions and tigers

  2. Hughie says:

    It's very good for your Grand Ma to make you a forest. I like that idea!