Tuesday, 1 January 2013


My Mummy say today is a speshul day called Noo Years Day so Tilly and me had a barf.
Now we is nice and clean. Dat de first time dat Tilly ever had a barf at our place but de vet gave her a barf when she first went to de vet but maybe she do not wemember dat cos she was just a little tiny  tiny baby kitten den.
De vet lady tell us dat a man bwing Tilly and her 4 bwuvvers in to de vet and dem all muddy and cwying and hungwy. He say somebody put dem kittens in him yard but dem not his kittens.
De vet lady wash dem all and give dem din dins and den dey stop cwying and dey play togevver and be happy.
Den we come along a buy Tilly and my Uncle Matt buy Basil and we do not know if anyone buy any more of dem cute kittens.
Tilly is glad we buy her cos my Gwand-da love her and spoil her. When she wants to play in de dwawer of his desk, first he take fings out of it so she can play dere. If she wants to sit in Gwand-da chair den he sit in anuvver chair.
She such a spoiled little kitten.
Luv fwom Bernie

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