Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Dis is yesserday blog

Hello Evewybody,
Dis is what me want to put on my blog for yesserday but me was busy twying to catch a mouse for a pwesent to give to my Mummy when she come home . Me look evewywhere but me cannot find one.

Dat Tilly has super heawing.
Today Bernie  sneaked into Gwand-da’s study, scwatched him  arm chair five times, meowed for fwee minutes, and den me jumped up on him desk – dat be Bernie’s  gentle ways of getting attention. Tilly sleep  all fwough dis. Gwand-da finally stood up and went into de kitchen and opened de fwidge. Tilly stayed asleep. Den Gwand-da quietly unwwapped de paper awound de few pieces of chicken dat me did not eat alweady and immediately Tilly’s eyes opened, she wushed under Gwand-da’s feet and bit him toe. But Gwand-da is a dood Gwand-da and him still give me de chicken and when Tilly twy to take it, Gwand-da  pick her up and put her on de bench and give her a slice of her own. Bernie can has him dindins in peace, but me has to eat fast because Tilly was gulping hers down and as soon as she finished she dived down to where I was and twied to get mine. Ha, ha, she was too late!
Luv fwom Bernie

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  1. Hughie says:

    We've got a cat named Mun-Mun, and maybe she writes a blog!