Thursday, 24 January 2013

Learning about a noo 'puter.

It be a vewy confusing day for poor Bernie today. First of all me could not find My Mummy or or my Gwand-ma and Gwand-da tell me dat dey  gone to Canbewwa to play games with Uncle Tim. Den he wemind me dat  me has to have a pwactice on Gwand-da 'puter cause me cannot use Gwand-ma puter dis week cos she take it away wif her.
Gwand-da put Bernie up on his desk and tell me to start typing but me is not silly – Bernie look awound carefully and decide me do not want to use Gwand-da 'puter cause me do not twust anyfing what is on de end of a mousie tail. Bernie do not like mousies except to eat dem.. Gwand-da say dat dis be a diffewent sort of mousie  what do not fwighten Bernie. 
Bernie practise vewy dood  and den me get vewy tired so me lay down. Den Tilly come into de study and she also decide to lie down even though she did not do any work at all. Bernie do not want to talk to her so me pwetend to be asleep and den she go to sleep too. Grand-da decide to take a pikcha of  us sleeping togevver but de click on his camewa woke up silly Tilly and she start to bite Bernie tail. Dat was de end of Bernie dood sleep and dis is de end of my message today what me wite on Gwand-da 'puter.
Luv fwom Bernie
PS Here is a pikcha of Gwand-da showing Bernie how to use his 'puter.


  1. You are a very clever pussy cat. I hope you at taking good care of your grand Da and miss Tilly. Love you.

  2. Hughie says:

    Bernie you're a very very very clever little cat. I mean big cat!