Saturday, 17 August 2013

Annuvver place to do wee

Jaffa found annuvver place to do a little wee.
It is wight in de middle of de barf mat.
First she did one in de ensuite and gwand-da saw her. She sit in de middle of dat barf mat and do a wee and den she vewy carefully fold de corners over to cover up her wee.
Then a few days later she do de same fing in de barf woom and den my Mummy saw her.
She do a wee in de middle of de barf mat and den she cover it up by putting de corners neatly over de middle.
She finks nobody knows she do a wee dere if she cover it over.
But we know cos we can smell it.
We always has to wash barf mats.
Luv fwom Bernie wot do him wee outside in de yard like a clever dood pussy cat.


  1. Katy says:

    Hey, Jaffa can't go outside! You know that! So how can she be clever like you? Plus she's younger than you.

  2. Oh yes dat is twue. Me wemember dat. But she is a dood pussy cat and she be vewy neat. Now we always has a old barf mat sumwhere in de barf woom so she can use dat. And she is learning to use de kitty litter again for wees. Fank Goodness she always used de kitty litter for number 2. Dat is wot my Aunty Lily calls a poop.
    Me glad she do her No.2 in de kitty litter and not on de barf mat.