Saturday, 31 August 2013

Jaffa got outside

Today we could hear a little Jaffa meow. It was a vewy loud Jaffa meow but it sound little. We wun awound twying to find it and den we find out why it sound little. Dat was because she outside and cwying to come inside.
She got outside when someone leave de door open when dem putting cloves on de line.
Den she get vewy fwightened. She jump up and looking in the kitchen window. Gwand-ma open de family woom door and she wun inside. She vewy glad to get inside again cos she say she fink she see de bogey man.
And dat bogey man got annuvver little kitten wot lived acwoss de road from us. It be Isabelle's kitten. Isabelle is a little girl wot live acwoss de woad from us.
My Gwand-ma is going to wing de WSPCA.
Luv fwom Bernie

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