Thursday, 22 August 2013

Outside Inside

Bernie likes to go outside sometimes but de cat doors is blocked over so dat little Jaffa will not go outside.
Sometimes Bernie pushes somefing out of de way so me can go out or come in.
Mostly me has to sit at de door and wait until someone lets me out. Bernie spends a lot of time sitting at a door outside, saying "Miaow" vewy loudly and vewy politely and dat means "Please let me in please".
Today me just gone outside and it start to wain.
Oh Bovver! me do not want to get wet.
Just then Gwand-da going somewhere and me hear dat Gawage door opening up.
Bernie wun awound vewy fast and wun in de gawage door but you know what? Dat door fwom de gawage into de laundwy was shut.
Oh Bovver again.
So Bernie sitting dere yelling out "Miaow Miaow" and dem wuns awound to all de doors to see where Bernie was. But Gwand-ma undertstand dat "Miaow miaow" means "Me is in de gawage" so she open dat door.
Bernie is very glad dat me taught Gwand-ma how to understand cat language.
Luv from Bernie


  1. Hughie says:

    Bernie, I've got a special way of when there's something in front of the door. Just push and push and push until the thing walks away!

  2. An if it don't huwwy up you can bite it!

  3. An if it don't huwwy up you can bite it!