Friday, 9 August 2013

Jaffa is sick

Today my Gwand-ma take Jaffa to see de vet. She sick. First of all she stop doing wee in her litter box. Gwand-ma found out dat when a dood pussy cat stops using de kitty litter to do wee but still do poops in it, dat means her wee hurts and she fink it is because dat kitty litter hurts.
Den Gwand-ma notice dat when Jaffa wants to do a wee she cwies and wuns awound and den she has to stop and do dat hurting wee and den Gwand-ma see dat her wee is dark bwown and it should be yellow. So all dat means dat Jaff is sick. So Gwand-ma take her to de vet and him say yes she is sick and all wot Gwand-ma said is twue. Him say she got a infection so she has to have tablets and medicines.
Dat vet  wot is called Uncle Lloyd, said dat dere be  two kinds of fings wot makes her sick like dat but we has to get some of her wee so de vet can do a test and see which one it is so we got de medicines to fix bofe of dem sicks.
Poor little Jaffa. It is not nice when doing a wee hurts a tiny little fing like dat pussy cat.
Bernie is taking speshul care of her and me gives her cuddles.
Luv fwom Bernie


  1. Oh sweetheart, you're a good big brother to look after Jaffa. Well done. I'm proud of you. :)