Wednesday, 14 August 2013

My little sister

We all decided dat Bernie does not be Jaffa's Daddy cos my Mummy do not want to be a gwand muvver. So now Jaffa is my little sister and my Mummy is being her Mummy too. Me likes having a little sister. Sometimes she goes to sleep on de bed or de sofa next to Bernie. Sometimes she jump on Bernie and dat bovvers me but she do not bite my tail.
Jaffa found de twee in de fwont entwance foyer and she climbing up it. And she find dem white stones in dat pot wot dat twee stands in and she scoop dem on the floor. Dat noisy and it makes a mess. Bernie tell her "Do not do dat little Jaffa. Dem is supposed to stay in dat pot" Den she stop doing dat.
Bernie has to ask Hughie about sisters. Hughie, WOt do bwuvvers do wif sisters? do dems play dood all de time?
Luv fwom Bernie


  1. Hughie says:

    No! I just whack my sister!

    Katy says:

    Hey, I have a sister too! She lives across the ocean, so I don't have anything to do with her, and when she visits it's either Christmas or her birthday, so we do Christmassy or birthday things with her.

    Hughie says:

    We went for a walk to a community centre.

  2. Well Bernie can do Kwissy fings and birfday fings and go for walks wif my little sister but not outside cos my little sister does not go outside so de bogey man do not get her.
    But me not allowed to smack her but sumtimes me smack her if she be naughty.