Friday, 17 February 2012

A bwushing Puddy Tat

De Gwavy is still going missing fwom my din dins. I watched my Mummy gib me din dins and dere was lots of yummy gwavy, but den I went away to let litta Heidi eat some din dins first, because I is a dood unca what lets my litta Heidi eat first.

But den I came back and de Gwavy was gone, but de din dins was still dere. So I said to Heidi

"I fink dat dere is a gwavy stealing monsta hiding here. I fink it is dat big yellow monsta dat was here de ovva day."

Heidi looked at me and she bwushed! Her litta cheeks went pink

"Oh but Unca Bern," she said. "Don't be thilly. Thweet litta Katy thaid that that monthta wath your Mummy."

I scrunched up my face, which as you know is bewy hard for a pussy cat to do. Den I said

"But Litta Heidi, where is all the gwavy going den?"

And Heidi's cheeks went even pinker!

"Well, Unca Bern," she whispered, and looked down at her litta paws. "That gravy is tho yummy, it ith the thweetetht thing I have ever tathted. I'm tho thowwy Unca Bern, but I am the Gwavy Monthta."

"Oh Litta Heidi, dat is ok." I said, even doe I wike the gwavy bewy bewy much. "If it is you eating it den it is ok."

Sometimes it is bewy hard to be a dood Unca, when your litta Heidi eats all the yummy gwavy, but I guess dat's better den a monsta.

Now I hab to go and ask my Mummy if she was really dat monsta.

Bye bye from Bern.

1 comment:

  1. Katy says:

    I already knew that Heidi had eaten your gravy, because Grand Moogi and Grand Da took us to the zoo today and on the way home they said some things that Heidi and you did. And one of them included Heidi licking the gravy off first!

    Hughie says:

    The yellow monster was really really your Mummy, Bernie! Lots of cuddles from Hughie.