Friday, 3 February 2012

A sunny waining day

Today it was a waining day but a sunny day.  Dat sky could not decide what it want to do. Bernie see dem floods on de telebishon and now we fwightened dat dem floods might come here if it keeps being a waining day. So Heidi and me look for a dood place to climb up to if dem floods come.
Some mans come wif a vewy dood fing. It is a twactor wif a litta woom on a long stick and dey lift dat litta woom up high to de top of de twees.
Dem mans was fixing de post out de fwont of our house.
Heidi say we should go and get in dat woom if a big flood come but dem mans gone away and dey take dat litta high up woom wif dem.
But it would not be a dood place because we do not know how to put our din dins bowl in dat litta woom.
Now we has to find somewhere else.
Luv fwom Bernie

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