Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Scawy Yellow Monsta!

Today my Mummy goed to school and my Gwandma and my Gwandda goed away too. They have gone to bisit my dood fwiend Hughie and my dood fwiend Katy and I gived dem lots of cuddles to give to my dood fwiend Hughie and my dood fwiend Katy.

But before dey went away, I went outside to buttle somebody in, because I is a dood butla, but it was a scawy yellow monsta! It had a big hat on, and yellow skin and yellow wings and stripy black and yellow legs!

I meowed at it, which you know means 'Go away you big yellow monsta! I live here and you not come inside!'

But it didn't unnastand me and it went inside anyway! I twied to wun inside and warn my gwandma and my gwandda, but my gwandma said "oh Bern you are a silly boy! That's not a monster! That's your Mummy, dressed up."

But Bernie is not silly. Why my mummy dwess up like a big yellow monsta? I fink Gwandma is getting a bit siwwy in her head!

So I kept meowing and den dat monsta goed away and it was safe again. When my mummy came home I told her about dat monsta and she gave me a big cuddle and said I was vewy bwave!

Love from Bernie.

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