Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Happy wamingtons day

Today is wamingtons day. Bernie is not sure why it is lamingtons day but my mummy says dey beed very yummy and so i fink dat is a good weason to have a day for dem!

George, my dood fwiend what is a puppy dog says dat 'da ladies wike wamingtons' so since I am a dood unca I gave my litta heidi a pwesent. I put coconut on her din dins, to make it wamington fwavour. When she saw it she said "Oh unca Bern, what ith thith on my din dinth?"

"It is coconut, for Wamington day Litta Heidi." I told her.

"Oh, fank you Unca Bern. You is tho thweet to me." and den she gave me a cuddle and a kiss.

Happy Wamington day evewybody.

Love fwom Bern.

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  1. Hughie says:

    I saw Grand Moogi and Grand Da when we were going on the drive to the Air Walk!