Wednesday, 8 February 2012

Heidi get fwightened

Litta Heidi was sitting in de lounge woom wif evewybody watching dat telebishun.
She see a stowy about a bad person what get a knife and go and hurt somebody wif it.
De policeman look in de kitchen and he say "There is a knife missing. The murderer must have taken it."
Heidi jump up on de bench in our kitchen and see where our knives go in de knife fing.
She come and say "OOOh Unca Bernie Thome bad manth cometh and taketh lotth of kniveth and dem ith going to come and get uth."
Poor litta Heidi she vewy fwightened.
Bernie say "Oh don't wowwy litta Heidi. Nobody take dem knives. Dem knives is in de dwawer or maybe dem got lost." And den me give her a lick and a cuddle and she not fwightened any more.
Luv fwom Bernie

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