Sunday, 22 January 2012

Bernie is a Legend

My Mummy is vewy pwoud of Bernie. She say "Bernie you are a legend"
Bernie go into dat ensuite cos his Mummy gone in dere. My Mummy gone to de human litter and Bernie want to go to de kitty litter. But Bernie cannot find a kitty litter. Bernie walkin awound wif him legs cwossed and saying Miaow which means "Oooh me can't find de kitty litter"
My Mummy say "You can use de dwain Mr Bern." So Bernie do his wee down de dwain. My Mummy say "OOh Bernie you are so clever, you are a legend. Bernie twy to cover it up by skwatching on de litta wound dwain but dat don't work so my Mummy pour some water and wash it down de dwain.
Bernie is a vewy clever wefined hygenic  house twained cat.
Luv fwom Bernie

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