Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Heidi to de wescue.

Bernie has to tell evewybody about how we sortin out fings for when we moves into our noo house. Gwand-da and Gwand-ma puts fings in boxes and Bernie is vewy busy helpin. When dey get a box, Bernie jump in it and see if it dood. Sometimes Bernie has a litta sleep in it. Den Gwand-da put lots of books on top of Bernie and he close up dat box. Den Bernie wake up and he say "Miaow" what means "get me outa here" but Gwand-da say "Ooh my books are talking like a pussy cat. I think they said "Where is the tomato sauce" So Bernie say "Miaow" again fwom inside de box and den Gwand-da say "Oh no! my books say 'What's on the television?' I wonder why they want to know what is on the television?" Den Bernie get cwanky and he say MIAOW vewy loudly and den Gwand-da say "Oh my books want some din dins." So Bernie say MIAOW VEWY VEWY Loudly and then Gwand-da say "Oh my books said "get off my tail" Those are the silliest books. They don't even have tails. But Gwand-ma say "Well I heard someone say that the tail end of one of those books was a bit of a flop" and Gwand-da say "But that is not the sort of tail you can stand on". Then they go away and have a cup of tea. Then litta Heidi come past and she hear Bernie calling fwom inside dat box. She jump up on it and knock it over and me get out. Den Gwand-da say "Ooh look Bernie was in the box. It was not the books talking after all" but Bernie just go away outside and have a west out dere. Me not going to help wif anymore box checking. Luv fwom Bernie

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  1. Hughie says:

    Grand-Da, don't put books on top of Bernie when he's sleeping in a box! That's all I want to say!