Thursday, 19 January 2012

Wasted time

Bovver! Me wasted all dat time sitting on dat  'puter mouse waiting for it to hatch into a mousie and now my Katy tell me it is not a egg.
Bernie is having twouble findin somewhere to sit. Today me was just going to sleep snuggled up on Gwand-da shoe which is a vewy nice comfy place to sleep and Gwand-da say "Hey Bernie get off my shoe I need to put it on"
Dat a wude fing to say when a poor pussy is twying to have a dood sleep.
Den today Bernie was twying to talk to evewybody about all sorts of fings and dey keep saying "What do you want Mr Bern?"  Then someone say "Where is Heidi?" and someone else say "Oh she is sensible, she is outside sleeping under a bush where it is nice and cool"
But Bernie can't go outside and sleep unner dat bush cos Bernie is twying to help evewybody do dat packing so we can move to our nice noo house.
I wish people would know dat Bernie is a dood helping pussy cat.
Luv fwom Bernie

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