Sunday, 1 January 2012

Happy Noo Year

Dis be a noo year so evewybody saying Happy Noo Year.
So Bernie say it too, "Miaow miaow mow."
Now you knows how to say it in pussy cat language.
It getting vewy hot here.
Miss Polly pussy cat want to go outside and play.
We be vewy careful about letting miss Polly pussy cat go outside to play cos once before when she visit us she go outside and wun away and get lost for 5 days.
Now we only lets her outside when sumones is watching her.
Today while my Mummy and My Gwand-ma gone to church, Gwand-da let miss Polly go outside to play and Gwand-da watching her and den him blink and she wun away sumwhere.
Gwand-da get vewy wowwied and him dwiving awound looking for her but Bernie find her and tell her to go home so she wun home.
Evewybody be vewy glad.
My Unca Tim will be vewy angwy if we lose his pussy cat.
Luv fwom Bernie

1 comment:

  1. Hughie says:

    Polly, don't run away. That's my comment. That's the only thing I want to say. Let's go to bed. Splat!