Tuesday, 24 January 2012

What I do today

My Gwand-ma say to me"What are you going to write in your blog today Mr. Bern? What have you been doing today?"
Bernie has to fink about dat.
First me go and have a litta snack cos dat always helps pussy cats to fink about fings.
Den me lies down in de middle of de lounge woom floor for a long fink.
Me finking and finking and finking.
Den me sit up in a sphinx way lookin at de fwont door.
Me finking and finking and finking.
But den me forgot what me was finking about.
Pussy cats are not vewy dood at finking.
Me look all awound and me twitch my ears and me look awound again but me do not wemember what me finking about.
Oh Bovver!
Me can hear dat washing machine going prrrrrrr prrrrrr prrrrr.
It fink it is a pussy cat.
Just den me look acwoss and me can see my dindins plate. Ah dat a dood idea! Me go and have some more dindins.
Luv fwom Bernie

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