Saturday, 14 January 2012

Days are silly

Today be a ordinawy day just like all de uvver ordinawy days.
It start wif a morning, den it have a middle and den it have a afternoon and den it have a night time.
Dat is a silly way to have a day.
Bernie do not like mornings.
Evewybody is asleep.
Bernie has to miaow and miaow for din dins.
Bernie's Mummy say "Go away Bernie it is only 5 o'clock.'
Dat silly. Dat clock just sit dere and it do not know about mornings. And it tell fibs. It should say "It time to get Bernie dindins"
Bernie want days wot start wif de middle when evewybody is awake and dem can get Bernie din dins.
Dat de best idea.
Bernie do a patishun and who we send our patishun to?
Luv fwom Bernie

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