Saturday, 29 September 2012

Dood Luck

My Mummy was doing some cooking and she leave de googy eggs on de bench so Bernie jump up dere and sit on dem.
My Mummy take a pikcha of Bernie sitting on dem eggs but we do not tell her why Bernie is sitting on de googy eggs. Maybe she will find out when all dem googy eggs turns into chookies!
Ha Ha Ha Dat will be a big surpwise for her won't it?
Here is some cuddles for today and a pikcha of Bernie sitting on dem googy eggs

Luv fwom Bernie.


PS A tewwible fing happen in de night. A big wind come and blow our little plastic seed house over and our new seeds what was gwowing spilled out. My Mummy found dem in de middle of de night and she was cwying cos she twy to pick dem up before my Gwand-ma see dem. When my Gwand-ma gets upset or wowwied, her back hurts vewy vewy much and Bernie and my Mummy does not want to make her sad or wowwied so her back will not hurt.
My Gwand-ma cwy vewy loud when dat back hurt lots and lots. She make a dweadful noise and Bernie twy to cuddle her and den he just say "Miaow" what means "Will you please stop that awful racket"
But my Gwand-ma tell my Mummy not to wowwy cos we knows how to gwow dem again weal dood.

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  1. Hughie says:

    I do have a few ideas, but they're bad ones. Bernie is a chicken and his house is a banana! Those are my bad ideas!